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Why Solar?

Imagine not paying an electricity bill.

Imagine pollution free electricity.

Imagine using renewable energy to run your house, RV, boat, or cabin.

Did you know that the life-cycle cost of solar can be less than paying the utility company?


The Solar Design Book

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Welcome to The Solar Design Book

Here you will find information about solar electric energy. If you are just beginning, look in the basics section. If you want more advanced information, look in the advanced section.

There are two books that go along with this website, Solar Basics and Solar Design. You can learn more about them in the sections that cover these books: Solar Basics Book and Solar Design Book. You can buy them from the author HERE or order them from a retail or online store.

The Solar Design book comes with a CD that has software for designing solar systems that you can use at your home or office. You can run the software on any computer that has Microsoft Excel installed. Click HERE to find out more about the software.



New SolarSizer, Version 1.31

A new version of SolarSizer, version 1.31, is available.


Talk at Wilkes County Public Library

Now available online, the talk given at the Wilkesboro Library on June 15. Those connected to Duke Energy in North Carolina have a unique opportunity to make money by selling power. Read more...

Consulting Now Available

Neil Kaminar is now avaiable to consult on a variety of projects, from home systems to large commercial systems to cell and module manufacturing. Save money by putting Mr. Kaminar's 30 year experience to work for you. Click on the Consulting tab above.

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